E Photo

| Jun 29, 2009

Say hello to Mr. Earthworm.

I dumped a bucket of water out in the backyard and noticed a ton of earthworms coming up out of the ground. So I ran and grabbed my camera to shoot some pics. They were kind of neat.

I'm looking forward to F photos. I'm leaving for Texas on Wednesday and I'm already thinking of Fourth of July and 100 degree Fahrenheit photos.

Hope you're having fun shooting.

E Photos Are Coming


Sorry for not having my E Photos posted this morning.

I'm going out of town later this week so I had kind of a crazy weekend trying to get things squared away at the house and get two weeks ahead on my work so I can take the time off.

I'll admit that photography hasn't been at the top of my list this past week, but I did manage to find inspiration in a most unusual place.

I'll get my photos posted some time today, I hope.

Can't wait to see what you all found for E.

Where do You Go for Inspiration for Your Photography?

| Jun 22, 2009

A photographer friend of mine came over this afternoon and shared an e-mail with me from Digital Photography School, which offers a weekly newsletter with photography tips.

It's a pretty nice site. I found this article where a forum member asks:

"What happens when you run out of ideas, or just hit a mental brick wall for things to take pictures of? How do you get back into it?
How do you find things that you haven’t photographed 1,000 times before?"

Want to know the answers she received? Go here to see some of the responses and maybe you'll find some inspiration.

I also came across this article, which had a lot of fun pictures.

Happy shooting!

D Photo


One of my favorite drinks in the world is a cold Dr. Pepper. I think I used to be addicted to it, but I've weaned myself off of its 23 flavors. Somewhat.

Sometimes it's what really hits the spot. I stopped at the convenience store down the street earlier this week to pick this one up. I was shocked that a 12-ounce can of soda cost me 85 cents. What happened to 50-cent sodas?

What do people call sodas where you live? Cola? Pop?

I grew up in Texas where everyone said coke. Someone would ask, "Do you want a coke?" and the proper response was "What kind?" Coke referred to all carbonated cola drinks--Sprite, Pepsi, Dr. Pepper, etc.--not just Coca-Cola.

When I lived in Colorado, many people called cokes pop. I realized then I can't stand the sound of someone asking for a "pop."

I'm looking forward to seeing what you've come up with for D. Moving on to E next week. How about a picture of an elephant? How about an ermine, elk, exclamation or energy?

We shall see.

What a week

| Jun 21, 2009

This has been one of the craziest weeks I've had in a long time. Well, maybe not crazy, but busy for sure.

I kicked off last weekend with a bathroom/laundry room tiling job that pretty much took all week. I still have some touch up work to do, but I'm through with most of the crawling around on the ground. That project took much longer (4 or 5 days longer) than I anticipated. On top of that I still had my my job to do.

I say all that to say I didn't do much picture taking this week. I also haven't had time to check out your photos, but I appreciate everyone who's been shooting and posting photos.

Anyway, I do have a couple of photos to post up tomorrow. Hopefully this week I'll also have some time to put together a gallery of the photos all of you have been taking.

Good luck and happy shooting.

C Photo

| Jun 15, 2009

I've seen this truck several times and always get a chuckle out of the license plate.

52 Clix

| Jun 8, 2009

Need some more ideas to get your creativity going?

Check out 52 Clix's photo assignments for this week.

Laundry http://www.52clix.com/clixie_submit.php?id=217
Out of Focus http://www.52clix.com/clixie_submit.php?id=218
Conundrum http://www.52clix.com/clixie_submit.php?id=216

B Photo


How about a beautiful bald eagle?

This is Spirit Augustus from Balsam Mountain Preserve Nature Center. Sexy, isn't she?

What did you come up with for 'B'?

Worldwide Photo Walk

| Jun 7, 2009

I just came across this and it sounds really cool.

It's Scott Kelby's Second Annual Photo Walk.

You can check out the video, but basically it looks like a group of people meet up July 18 in a town near them and then spread out around town shooting photos for the day. Then they meet up later in the day to share what they've shot before going home to upload them to the Web. The walk leader selects the best photo from his/her town for Kelby to select a grand prize winner.

It looks like someone nearby in Clyde, N.C. is setting up a walk. I'm surprised no one in Asheville has set one up yet. I'll have to let Ash know.

Do you have one near you? Would this be something you'd participate in? I think it sounds like fun.

Are You Noticing

| Jun 3, 2009

...that you're looking at objects a little differently now?

Do you look at something and sort of stop and say, "Hey, that starts with an 'A' (or 'B' or whatever)? I am. It's kind of funny. I've got letters running through my head all day.

Right now I've got this silly song stuck in my head that I heard ages ago. It's a parody of The Association's "Windy" that's called "Aunt Bea." I can't recall the whole song, but the part that's playing over and over in my noggin goes: "Everyone knows it's Aunt Bea. Bea-Bea-Bea-Bea."

I'm enjoying everyone's posts and I'm looking forward to many more. Keep shooting and keep being creative.

Thanks for the Participation

| Jun 2, 2009

As I commented on Marit's site, I think having other people participate with A to Z will keep me snapping if for no other reason than to see what others have shot.

Moving on to B this week. I saw a lot of things last week I'd like to shoot for B, particularly bridges and beer. Actually, as this photo blog goes along you'll probably see many beer photos.

For some reason I like taking pictures of beers. I've shot many a beer with my cell phone while sitting at a bar. I just like the way they look. Can't explain it. If I ever had a show at a gallery, it would probably be beer-themed.

Anyway, thanks for participating with me. Keep your eyes out for the Bs this week, and it's not too late to post an 'A' photo.

Have fun.

A Photo

| Jun 1, 2009

I told you it was a sign!

So I was just driving down the street about a block from my house when I spotted this sign in front of a shop. I don't know how long it's been there, but I'd never noticed it before this past week.

I know it's nothing dramatic or beautiful, but I think it's significant. Signs are important, as my sister recently pointed out in one of her posts.

I'm not one who looks for signs, or presages, to tell me that what I'm doing is the right or wrong thing, but when I saw this sign I felt it was telling me that this photoblog just might be the inspiration I was seeking.

Now it's your turn. If you'd like to share a photo, post a link in the comments section. I can't wait to see what you've done.