52 Clix

| Jun 8, 2009

Need some more ideas to get your creativity going?

Check out 52 Clix's photo assignments for this week.

Laundry http://www.52clix.com/clixie_submit.php?id=217
Out of Focus http://www.52clix.com/clixie_submit.php?id=218
Conundrum http://www.52clix.com/clixie_submit.php?id=216


Marit said...

Hi there Andre! Found my "A-photo" and posted it today


(You already saw my "B" - Books - and I have a perfect "C" in mind but I need a little sunshine for that, and it was darkgrey and raining all day in the Netherlands...)

Marit said...

Yeah! Here's my "C-photos"
(Yep, made two!)


Andre Rodriguez said...

Great A Photo, Marit. You could sell it for a stock photo. And wonderful C photos. Keep it up. My C photos will be up tomorrow.