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| Jun 22, 2009

One of my favorite drinks in the world is a cold Dr. Pepper. I think I used to be addicted to it, but I've weaned myself off of its 23 flavors. Somewhat.

Sometimes it's what really hits the spot. I stopped at the convenience store down the street earlier this week to pick this one up. I was shocked that a 12-ounce can of soda cost me 85 cents. What happened to 50-cent sodas?

What do people call sodas where you live? Cola? Pop?

I grew up in Texas where everyone said coke. Someone would ask, "Do you want a coke?" and the proper response was "What kind?" Coke referred to all carbonated cola drinks--Sprite, Pepsi, Dr. Pepper, etc.--not just Coca-Cola.

When I lived in Colorado, many people called cokes pop. I realized then I can't stand the sound of someone asking for a "pop."

I'm looking forward to seeing what you've come up with for D. Moving on to E next week. How about a picture of an elephant? How about an ermine, elk, exclamation or energy?

We shall see.


McMGrad89 said...

I think I must say soda these days, but I used to say coke. I remember a girl scout leader telling me about a time when she was the camp cook. Everyday, the camp director would ask her if she wanted a soda. She would say, no. The last day of camp the director says, "Do you want a soda?" The cook says, "No, but I would like a Coke if you are going that way." The director explained that a coke was a soda. The cook explained that she thought the she had been talking about baking soda and had wondered why she would ask her if she wanted one everyday.

Marit said...

Overhere in the Netherlands we just say "cola" (can be any kind) and for a "soda" we say: "fris" (= "fresh" - like "do you want anything fresh" - sounds weird, I know....)

Anyway, you can find my D-photo ("Dental care") overhere


On to the E... have no idea yet. We'll see what pops up this week.

mademoisellechitchat said...

What happened to 25 cents soda? ;)

Andre Rodriguez said...

Good story, sis. It's funny how misunderstandings can arise over the smallest things. I remember being in a mall in New York and ordering "soft serve" ice cream, which the person behind the counter heard as "seltzer," which they happened to have and which I was served. Being the timid kid I was at the time I paid for my seltzer water left the store and promptly pitched it into the trash.

Very nice Marit. Those remind me of chimney sweep brushes.

25-cent soda? Wow. That's been a while I'm sure. I don't think I bought much soda (coke, cola, FRIS!) when I was little. 50 cents is my reference point.

Cozyflier said...

Andre, I grew up in Chitown, I say pop! Sorry. Here is my D photo!



Andre Rodriguez said...

Darth Vader is way cook Carrie.

...and I would expect nothing less from a Midwesterner. Be proud of your pop!

NancyJones said...

hahaha we say coke too here! That is funny! I can't drink any of them now.

Traci Keriazakos said...

On one side of the state I grew up in (WI) they called it "pop". On the other side they called it "soda". My extended family lived on the side that called it "pop". We, however, grew up on the other side that called it "soda". When grandma came to visit and we asked for "soda" the first time, she thought we meant baking soda! She was very confused.

I agree that pop sounds very funny!

McMGrad89 said...

Okay, I am DONE:

MrsPeel said...

here is mine:


and there is a Scrapblog with the photos, though not entitled D (this one is D for Delightful, though the photo name isnt that), Scrapblog is here:


Now, about sodas....
in Argentina, where I grew up very little, is a
GASEOSA ( gassed drinked? LOL)

in Brazil, where I grew up a bit later on , is a REFRIGERANTE, or REFRI , as in refrigerated drink, me thinks LOL again

here in London, it has many names, but most popular would be a *fizzy drink* or *soft drinks* (as they are so keen on a hard one here! LOL again!)

or a *CAN* and then you say the brand....Can of Coke, can of Pepsi, and so on...

I am with you 100% on Dr Pepper, but I only go for the original, dont think they even make the flavours in England!
well...I think enough *pop* culture for a day!!!! :)

MrsPeel said...

on a different subject, but not far:
is there a way to post the links so we can click on them in your page and see the other ppl's photos?
I'm afraid I m nit hugfely computer literate, and every time I wanna go to someone s photo I need to get another page....
When I go to see the comments, wether in the post or in the box that opens for us to comment, there is no going to the link by clicking, one has to copy and paste....
Sorry if I m being a pain....

Andre Rodriguez said...

Great Scrapblogs!

MrsPeel, the photo you linked to in your flickr account was set as private so we couldn't see it.

And you're definitely not being a pain. In fact I feel your pain. I'm working on posting everyone's photos in a way that you can see them without having to copy and paste each link, but Blogger isn't being very cooperative. I wish the links were active in the comments section, but for some reason they're not. I guess Blogger thinks they're protecting people from clicking on bad links, but it's annoying.

On a Dr. Pepper note, you can purchase original recipe Dr. Pepper here: http://www.dublindrpepper.com. I plan on treating myself to a case for a special occassion. And someone told me that in England they have Coke Light rather than Diet Coke and it's supposed to taste much better than Diet Coke, which I've always thought had somewhat of a rat poison taste to it... not that I know what rat poison tastes like, mind you.

Has anyone had a chance to sample Pepsi Throwback made with natural sugar? Delicious.

Andre Rodriguez said...

Now I've got soda on the brain.

Who remembers Crystal Pepsi? I loved it. It was back in the early 90s when there seemed to be a clear craze going on. I seem to remember lots of transparent products on the shelves at that time.

MrsPeel said...

Hi Andre, and thanks for the reply :)

I was actually thinking (will go change the settings in the photo in a minute!
I was here thinking, what about getting an account in Flickr?
If everyone gets an account, you could create a group, I m a paid account holdre, so maybe I could create the group but give you the administrator rights, then you could move all this to there (still could keep this, I guess) but, as accounts are free in Flickr untill a cetrain amount of gig, everyone could post the photos, and we will all be able to look at them, in one page?
If people keep the account only for the A to Z photos, then I doubt the account will grow so much as to them having to delete photos or have to pay....
(or the photos can be reduced in size, only I'm not sure how many people know how to do it, but I could post a SB teaching it? just a suggestion...)

I stopped using Flicrk so much as I was because once people start noticing your photos, they start calling you to groups, and I would then spend my whole day looking through and having to comment in other ppl's images...which I loved but my daughter would starve! LOL

What you could do is to make a group by invite only, Annemarie and I could go do the invites to all the SB giurls, if that would make it easier for you, and then, once in the group, people can invite their friends to participate....
anyway, just a suggestion, as I know Blogger can be a bit difficult to navigate (I hardly ever blog here because of that :(
Hope you are well and enjoying the weekend!

Nishant said...

That is funny! I can't drink any of them now.
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