Where do You Go for Inspiration for Your Photography?

| Jun 22, 2009

A photographer friend of mine came over this afternoon and shared an e-mail with me from Digital Photography School, which offers a weekly newsletter with photography tips.

It's a pretty nice site. I found this article where a forum member asks:

"What happens when you run out of ideas, or just hit a mental brick wall for things to take pictures of? How do you get back into it?
How do you find things that you haven’t photographed 1,000 times before?"

Want to know the answers she received? Go here to see some of the responses and maybe you'll find some inspiration.

I also came across this article, which had a lot of fun pictures.

Happy shooting!


McMGrad89 said...

Those were good. A blog friend of mine took some great jump/beach photos recently...Here's her flickr:

Andre Rodriguez said...

Cool pics. Thanks for sharing, sis.