B Photo

| Jun 8, 2009

How about a beautiful bald eagle?

This is Spirit Augustus from Balsam Mountain Preserve Nature Center. Sexy, isn't she?

What did you come up with for 'B'?


Marit said...

Love your eagle, Andre!!! Beautiful! On to C I guess.... I'm still puzzling about that (and about the A, still have to catch an A too!)

Jocelyn said...


Cozyflier said...

WOW! Where ever did you see a Bald Eagle? Fantastic photo! I'm still looking for a 'B' photo!

Andre Rodriguez said...

She is from a nearby nature center. I got to visit with her and the handler along with a couple smaller raptors. Very cool.

McMGrad89 said...

Here are my B photos compiled into a Scrapblog.

Becca said...


(And btw...I'm known as Aunt B to my nieces and nephews. :-) I'd like to hear your song...)


Jessica said...

Beautiful Bald Eagle! Love the B pics..still keeping an eye out for a C pic...cannot wait to see yours! :-D

Cozyflier said...

here is my 'B' photo



miruspeg said...

Hey Andre
My friend Cathy from Our lives in colour has joined in the fun and posted an "A" photo on her blog.


She posted the link on my blog where you can find my "B" photos.


BTW beautiful Bald eagle photo.


Cathy said...
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Cathy said...

Thanks Peggy

Hi your Eagle photo is amazing!

I have come over from Peggy’s blog, sorry I thought I had posted here but it might not have gone through.
Here are my A http://our-lives-in-colour.blogspot.com/2009/06/my-photos.html and B http://our-lives-in-colour.blogspot.com/2009/06/my-b-photos.html photo’s
This is a wonderful idea, I’m so grateful you followed through with your sign.

Adriann said...

Awesome shot!

MrsPeel said...

I missed the A, not sure if I m missing posting B, but just in case, here is my B
is a BEE A SWIMMER photo and it's here :


the photo posted here is amazing, thanks for this!!!!

Nishant said...

Awesome shot!
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