Sorry for the Absence

| Aug 13, 2009

I must apologize to A to Z Photo followers for my extended absence from the Web.

To get straight to it, I was laid off the day after I returned from Texas and have been figuring out my future for the past month. But no worries, everything has worked out for the best and I am working on getting A to Z Photo back on the road and along with some other photo projects.

I appreciate everyone's participation so far and I encourage you to be thinking about your G Photos. I'll let you know when G Photos will be posted.


McMGrad89 said...


Marit said...

Heeeyyyyy there! Glad you're back!!! I went on with my photo's until I reached "J" - but it's no fun without you and your blog! I'll wait for you to catch up (if you wanna take a look, my photo's are random on my blog. Look for "photo's" in the categorie list and you'll find them between the other stuff...)

Cozyflier said...

Andre, glad everything is OK. On our trip out to Montana for Kev's CME, all I did the the entire trip was say, I need a (insert letter) shot! The family laughed the whole time! I ready to go, I think!

Cozyflier said...

Think I'm ahead of you in the alphabet!

Scroll Down and see what I think is my awesome hawk photo!!