New Photo Blog to Launch

| May 24, 2009

ASHEVILLE, N.C. - Attention photographers: Have you lost your focus? Has the flow of your creative juices come to a full f-stop?

A new photo blog hopes to inspire photographers and get them clicking away again. A to Z Photo Blog is the creation of Andre Rodriguez, staff writer and photographer of the Asheville Citizen-Times.

"As a professional writer and photographer sometimes I find that when I'm away from work I've exhausted my creativity," Andre said. "I've found it hard to keep myself inspired and motivated to shoot photos for myself.

"I searched the Internet for Web sites with weekly or even monthly photo assignments to try and spark a creative revival," he continued. "The revival came, but not in the way I was expecting."

After coming across many, many photo assignment Web sites that hadn't been updated in months--some which hadn't been updated in more than a year--Andre came up with an easy way to "assign" photos every week.

Beginning the week of May 25, Andre will begin looking for photo opportunities beginning with the letter "A." He will select his best/favorite photo from the week and post it the following Monday at A to Z Photo. The following week's assignment will be to look for photo opportunities beginning with the letter "B" and so on week-by-week, letter-by-letter through the alphabet.

Andre encourages all photographers--pros and hobbyists--particularly all those who have had a little trouble staying motivated to shoot more personal photos, to take part in A to Z Photo Blog.

Visit the site June 1 to see Andre's first photo and--if you'd like--submit a link in the comments to your photo of the week posted on your blog or photo sharing site.

Contact Andre Rodriguez at for more information.


McMGrad89 said...

Okay, I can leave a post now.

BlessedinTexas said...

How fun, I can't wait to join in the fun! So are we starting with A and then B starts tomorrow?

Thanks and love the blog too!

MrsPeel said...

Great idea... are we to come post links here of where the photos are?
if I understood right, the A photos will be selected after 1st of June?
I'm I right? LOL I'm not very sure I got it right....
Great idea, :)

Andre Rodriguez said...

To clarify: I am going to be looking for 'A' subjects to photograph this week, my favorite of which I will post on Monday, June 1. At that point I will move on to 'B' subjects. When I post my 'A' photo, feel free to post a link to your 'A' photo in the comment section. Ditto for B, C, D...

I'm excited and encouraged by all the response I've gotten to this idea. I can't wait to see what everybody comes up with.


Michelle LaPoint Rydell said...

Sounds like fun! What a creative idea!

Marit said...

Your big sister did a hell of a job, advertising for you on SIStv! It sure works! I love this A-Z idea - I also have a photographing son (almost 17) so I will spread the word! Good luck with this.

Andre Rodriguez said...

McMGrad89 said...

The long lost blog. 😁